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Can You Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money

Can you start affiliate marketing with no money

Can you start affiliate marketing with no money.

Reference Book : Simple AFFILIATE sites are generating $3k+ per month.

Can you start affiliate marketing with no money? I don’t want to create a mushy sad story about how I struggled to pay my bills and my vet costs for my dying poochie. Because really and truly, I was in a good place to begin with before venturing into this black hat venture I don’t want to waste valuable real estate on this eBook by creating fluff about my lifestyle. In this guide, I’ll explain how I stumbled across this method and how you too can change your mindset so you can find weird methods which earn $XXX per day.

I read a LOT of BHW threads, posts from endorsed members, and books from reputable people who offer a whole lot of value. All of this combined allowed me to open up my mind to the idea of starting weird ideas which can generate a SHIT TON of money. Many people want to know Can you start affiliate marketing with no money?

I knew about different sources of revenue, whether it’s affiliate marketing, client acquisition, AdSense earnings, direct ads, CPA and revenue share. Most people online always go through the same route of starting their online business though and this usually starts off as: 1. Find affiliate product 2. Create website targeting product 3. Drive traffic to the website hoping for sales #3 is important because the word “hoping” is what a lot of these affiliate marketers do. Once their website is up and the campaign is 6 live, they bite their nails, and hit the refresh button on the affiliate dashboard hoping to see clicks and sales. This wasn’t the way I wanted to do things. If you ask

How can i start affiliate marketing with no money.

If you ask How can i start affiliate marketing with no money. I told you I create a successful affiliate campaign, it will have to be something I’m confident will work. Like I mentioned previously, book reading was something I did a lot of and one main genre I enjoyed was psychology. This is such a deadly weapon in today’s world where people can be persuaded to do anything, and think certain things based on what they consume on a daily basis. It works for everything including politics, sales, and relationships.

Using the knowledge, I gained from these books, I dwelled into the world of insecurities, and addiction and wanted to find niches where I could capitalise on someone’s shortcomings. That’s what its all about when it comes to making money online. Can you start affiliate marketing with no money?

Taking a profitable method, putting your on tweak on it, and making it work. If you adopt that mindset, you will for sure make a ton of money. And that’s another thing I want you to keep in mind while going over the methods shared in this eBook – sure you can copy everything, or you can think outside the box and implement things in a way that can make your business even more profitable, with way less competition. Read the next section to find out how I found my victims.

Choose the right victim

 After deciding to start a new venture, I needed to find a market to target. Most people go for the typical niches that everyone goes for, whether it’s the make money online niche, the weight loss niche, and dating/relationships. While these are awesome umbrella term niches, I wanted to dig REALLY deep to find sub-niches that I could dominate fast. If you want to make big money, you tend to go for the people who are desperate for answers and are willing to do anything to get what they want, and that’s what I wanted to accomplish. Can you start affiliate marketing with no money?

Let me just say it wasn’t hard to find. I stumbled across my niches randomly while reading news articles online and pieced things together one by one, slowly coming into realisation that the niches I wanted to choose should be based on greed and spite. My first niche which I chose was gambling, more specifically “lottery winnings”. We all want to win the lottery, it’s the dream for many people to just wake up and have $10m+ in their bank account. Most people understand that it’s a pipe dream and don’t bother with the extremely miniscule odds of winning.

However, there is a small group of people (quite large actually) that consistently gamble away money on the lottery hoping this is their lucky day. Who am I to stop them from achieving their destiny? In fact, I should encourage them to gamble more, I mean, you never know, they might win… how to start an affiliate marketing blog

My second niche which I chose was the “Get him/her back”. For some unknown reason, people enjoy the toxic pasts of their former lover and want them back in their life. They’ve formed an emotional bond and can’t get enough of it. It’s a dopamine drug. Why not capitalise on this market and make easy $$$ from keeping them in the same loop? While I came up with these niches, I instantly had ideas of how to market this campaign, and this involved the use of 1-page micro sites. Why did I choose micro sites as my choice?

Most people stay away from micro sites simply because 1-page sites are known as a thing of the past. However, they are still doing incredibly well, even in 2022. There’s a reason people use squeeze/landing pages to get more SEO clients, email subscribers, and webinar viewers. These shitty 1-page micro sites can make you $xx,xxx and this is all without having to build out 50,000 word authority pages and 1,000 hour podcasts to get traffic to your website. Now that I had the niches in mind, it was time to begin the campaign and start bringing home the bacon.

Can you start affiliate marketing with no money

Method # 1

Lottery Affiliate Programs Micro Site Blueprint.

Can you start affiliate marketing with no money of lottery affiliate programs. The lottery niche was fairly new to me at the time of starting this campaign. I knew about casino affiliates and forex affiliates but did not know about a lottery affiliate program. This sparked my interest as its new and could have potential in the long run. I signed up to a lottery affiliate program which was called The Lotter and was given a few emails to apply to become an affiliate.

This involved telling them how I was planning to market their lottery program, and which platforms I was going to use for my promotion. Luckily at the time, I had a “money” style blog which was about to expire on my hosting account, so I quickly added up a new lottery page on there and used this for my application. I got accepted immediately.

If you don’t already have a website for submission, you can easily create a website using WordPress. Keep it simple. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. I had 1,500 words of content and a few lottery images only. Once accepted, you can start the promotion. The program has multiple marketing campaigns for their lottery games including international drawings. This meant I could target different countries with ease if I wanted to scale the fuck out of this system. I chose an English based lottery promo to use for my CPA offer simply because I wanted to target the UK/USA/Canadian market. Can you start affiliate marketing with no money.

After selecting this option, I decided to use a free platform for this campaign. Since I made the goal to use a micro site, I decided to go for a popular parasite page called Medium. I created a new article on Medium talking about the lottery offer and how it’s possible to win the lottery by signing up using the affiliate link. It took me a while to write 2,000 words because I wanted to know what to write about. I didn’t want to just create filler the entire time and waste any leads which I may get from traffic sources. I was originally going to create an article with the layout listed below.

  • What is The Lottery affiliate programs?
  • Why should I sign up for the lottery link?
  • What do I get from using this site?
  • Advantages of using the site
  • Cons of using the site
  • Conclusion The reason why was because it was bite size and very easy to manage.

All I had to do was talk a bit about the site and how anyone can win the lottery affiliate programs. While writing the article, something clicked in my head and I decided to delete everything I wrote. This was because I figured that I did not stick out one bit from competitors who all do the same thing when promoting an affiliate link. They all use the same layout when persuading people to sign up for a link and this didn’t sit right with me as I felt I was limiting the profitability of the niche. I had a very unique twist which I wanted to do, and this involved mass psychology. How Can you start affiliate marketing with no money keep reading.

I wanted to make people trust me as the writer by writing a “story based” article. This meant the article was simply me rambling about how I won the lottery and it changed my life forever by offering a better quality of life etc. I added a link to the affiliate page and mentioned how I bought the ticket online rather than in 11 person and that they should check it out.

That’s all… By using this layout, it was incredibly easy to start spitting out words and making it a worthwhile article. Remember to make the offer seem enticing but do not be overly promotional. You want to seem like a normal guy who came across an easy to use lottery platform and you figured you’d share it with people.

Now that my “micro site” was set up with the referral link, it was time to start directing people towards the page. How would I do this? I debated to myself whether I want to invest in a SEO campaign for some keywords, or if I wanted to use paid advertisements. After some consideration, I decided to do neither. I wanted a unique way to generate a constant flow of organic traffic from money hungry users. I wanted people to look like they found it by pure “destiny” and that it is their calling to invest in lottery tickets using my link. I know you will ask me Can you start affiliate marketing with no money please keep reading will get your answer.

This was simple to find. In fact, I laughed to myself as I found it as it is an evergreen niche within the money niche that has MILLIONS of people who truly believe in it. Can you guess what it was? It’s law of attraction/money manifestation. There are millions of people out there that truly believe if you listen to specific audio on YouTube while sniffing a wad of money, that they will manifest money in their life. I decided to capitalise on this by using YouTube as my market. Here is how you find such a marketplace. Go on to YouTube and type “Manifest money”.

You’ll see tonnes of suggestions ranging from:

  • Manifest money while you sleep 12
  • Manifest money instantly
  • Manifest money in 24 hours
  • Manifest $1,000 in 24 hours
  • And many, many more profitable long tails. Just have a look at the views on this niche!


lottery affiliate programs


As you can see, there are hundreds of thousands of views to over 5 million views per video for people looking to “receive unexpected money” in 24 hours and manifest money while they sleep. Now I’m not against the law of attraction or even manifesting money, but these people take it to the extreme. I believe working hard + smart = results but these people believe lying down in bed eating Cheetos and listening to specific binaural beats will make their wallets fatter. It’s a PERFECT niche to break into and combine my 1-page lottery micro site with to see results.

Now that I’ve found the people who I want to target, I had to formulate a plan to drive traffic from YouTube to my micro site landing page. Can you start affiliate marketing with no money it will clear keep reading. Can you start affiliate marketing with no money.

I narrowed it down to 2 tactics. These were YouTube comments and YouTube videos.

YouTube comments: This tactic was interesting because it was easy as hell to scale. Unlike other videos on YouTube where you instantly trigger people’s radar when you mention things on comments such as “This really worked! I’m making money online now thanks to this video, LINK TO AFFILIATE PAGE”. This type of YouTube audience loves these comments AS LONG AS YOU PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT. Have a look at these examples:


How can i start affiliate marketing with no money


Almost all of the comments on these types of videos explain how after watching this miraculous manifest money audio video, they were blessed with free money ranging from inheritance checks, new business clients, random $500 on the streets and more. It’s funny to read but as you can see, it generates a lot of interest and results.

People are getting hundreds/thousands of thumbs up and plenty of comment engagement from people who believe in this stuff. After analysing certain comment scripts and seeing which comments were getting the most likes and engagements, I cloned their version of the comments, and manipulated it to serve my purpose, which was to generate clicks to my micro site page promoting a referral link.

The comments had to be done in a tasteful manner, praising the video for being extremely helpful in changing my life around, how I was struggling to pay my bills on time, and was on the verge of being kicked out by my landlord and that it wasn’t until I came across the video that my luck changed, and I won a small lottery prize from an online site. Can you start affiliate marketing with no money.

I’ve come to find that you have to be extremely careful with comments to ensure you don’t trip any alarms from users who might call bullshit on your claims. It’s important to not go overboard with the pricing as this will be a big giveaway.

With the comments, I never claim to have won a big cash prize of $2M+ because some may find it unfathomable and expect some local news article as proof. I go below the radar by claiming to win a small “set for life” prize of $3,000 per month for 30 years or something along these lines. The reason why is simply psychology. $3,000 per month as a prize seems easier to grasp than $2M+ upfront.

Once I formatted a comment which ticked those boxes, I sent the same comment to multiple videos which had money manifestation. I didn’t spam it as I didn’t want to be shadow banned or have my account deleted so I stuck to around 30 videos per day. After a week of doing this, I had over 300 comments spread out from multiple accounts which I owned previously.

15 My medium article started to gain a lot of traction and I was getting 40-70 visits per day organically from people looking to manifest money. My comments were getting a lot of engagement, including full conversations between myself and some users asking me how I won the lottery prize and how they can do the same. (INSERT MY LOTTERY AFFILIATE LINK) As you can see from the screenshot below, here are some referrals coming in from Medium to my lottery affiliate links.

how to start an affiliate marketing blog

YouTube videos: As I built up my comments to gain engagement, clicks and comments from users to my Medium page, I also decided to start creating similar videos to the ones ranking and use the videos to generate traffic to my Medium page. I have 0 editing skills so I invested $30 to hire someone to use audio from the YouTube videos, and make the video 4k, 1+ hour long, and also create an appealing thumbnail such as a fast sports car, a luxury 16 resort etc to make people truly immerse themselves in the manifestation video.

I was probably ripped off with the video creation but due to lack of experience with videos, it was all worth it creating copies of the video, cropping bits out, and having awesome thumbnails for the video. Can you start affiliate marketing with no money

I created 50+ videos, each with their own background, new thumbnail and sounds. This cost me $300, most of which went towards the thumbnail designs. After having the videos created, it was time to analyse the competition and choose the golden nugget YouTube to target for this manifestation niche. I used VIDIQ to find long tail keywords and optimised each of my videos by having descriptive descriptions, with the link to the Medium article for my lottery affiliate programs. When the videos were published, I created a fresh comment similar to the ones I used on other videos and pinned my comment to the top.

I received a lot of engagement just from organic views. I did not purchase any links, views, or social bookmarks. I treated it as a numbers game, and some videos stuck while others failed to get a single view. My most viewed manifestation video received 53,000+ views and brought 2,000+ link clicks to my micro site page. In the month of December 2019, $4,400+ was made from the YouTube videos + comments for this micro page. I have averaged $3,500+ per month from the videos since June 2019 and this is slowly starting to grow as each month goes by.

To Be Continue…..

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